Le Chat Noir

Bag // ASOS (old), same here
Beret // Stradivarius, same here
Ballerinas // ZARA Kids (DIY*), similar here
  *coming soon

I wanted to wear this bag so badly, so the inspiration of this outfit was that cute black sleepy cat. When I think of cats, I think of romance. When I think of romance, I think of Paris (and there you have your French title). When I think of Paris, I think of ballet flats and berets and romantic dresses! And this was the most simple and quick way to reveal my inspiration process...

Now, about the ballet flats with the tulle ribbon. These are from ZARA Kids. They come up to size 38 (I am a 36). The idea came to me the moment I saw them and I am preparing a DIY post for you my darlings so that you can make them too for yourselves or for your daughters or both! It's inexpensive and amazingly easy so stay tuned!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke