Vassilis Emmanouel Zoulias // Resort 2016

It's been a longtime wish to attend one of Vassilis Zoulias fashion shows and thanks to The Stellars my wish finally came true!

The Collection presented was Resort SS2016 and titled "Women in Mykonos through the decades... from 30s to 80s"I was swoon by the 30s & 40s, but my heart almost stopped with the 50s and the 60s!! Literally, I could take the entire looks, including the bags, the shoes and the accessories. Polka-dots, Flowers, Plaid and Stripes. I was in heaven!

The show was divided in decades beginning with the 1930s and ending with the 1980s and every decade had a model-star.
1930s: Dorothea Mercuri opened the show looking divine in her delicious white polka-dot dress. Like in a daydream, I could see myself undressing her, grabbing the dress, the hat, the heels and the bag and start running, leaving her totally naked on the runway with her sunflower, haha (sorry Ms Mercuri...)
1940s: Mara Desypris, making a statement with her unique personality, as always
1950s: Yakinthi, Miss Greece 1959, so aristocratic and flawless creating a unique connection with the audience that I haven't seen before in my life
1960s: Vicky Kaya & Jenny Balatsinou (I wanted to undress Jenny too and take all her clothes...)
1970s: Vicky Koulianou, the Greek version of The Body
1980s: Rosanna Georgiou, a new generation Greek/Dutch model, currently thriving on the catwalks around the globe

I am sharing my favorite looks from the show, but you can click here to see them all.

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All photos via Catwalk Mag