Fall In

Hat // BENETTON, similar here
Skirt // BENETTON, similar here
Shoes // Stradivarius,  similar here
Backpack // Stradivarius, similar here
Jacket // ZARA (old), similar here
Scarf // ZARA (old), similar here

Fall is definitely NOT my favorite season. I would dare say that it is my least favorite... But, first, let me explain why.

Ever since I was a kid, I was dreaming that Summer would never end and that I would stay by the sea forever, under the sun in the morning and counting stars at night, wearing flip flops and bikinis and stay up late without worrying about school and homework. I was feeling depressed the very first day of September and my mood wouldn't cheer up until before Christmas. Growing up and after finishing high school, life seemed much better, so entering Fall didn't feel as bad as it used to, however, it remains my least favorite time of year.

Now, in my late 30s, I have learned to love and cherish, every moment in my life, even those ones that wet my clothes, make my hair frizzy and don't let the sun kiss my skin. I have learned to Fall in love with Fall.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke