Golden Globes 2017 // Best Moments

What a year 2016 was. So difficult and heartbreaking, in so many levels for so many people. Wars, terrorism, death, sickness, troubling election outcomes, economic crisis just to name a few. Then again, these things happen every year, why did we bother that much in 2016? Maybe because they were too many in just one year! Some of those issues were addressed during the acceptance speeches of the winners, which made this year's Globes for me the most emotional yet. I think I was crying every 10 minutes. It wasn't a very fun night I have to admit, but it was definitely quite cathartic. Thank God we have the red carpet, haha

Ryan Gosling won Best Actor (Comedy/Musical) for his performance in La La Land. Not only an outstanding and brilliant artist (actor, singer, dancer), but also a loving and admiring partner to Eva Mendes, acknowledging her immense contribution to their family (raising their daughter while being pregnant) and her emotional struggle with her brother's illness and death, while he was away from home having the best time of his life filming La La Land. A true gentleman, the greatest quality of a man you want by your side and as a father of your children. See his emotional acceptance speech here. This was definitely my No1 Best Moment of the evening! - See my 2016's Golden Globes Best Moments here

2. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn 
Funny ladies, love them both and can't wait to watch their new movie Snatched, where they play mother and daughter!

3. Meryl Streep receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award 
And brings tears to my eyes with her inspiring speech, about foreigners, the press, the disabled, disrespect, violence and Princess Leia: 'Take your broken heart, make it into art.' Love you Meryl, you are the greatest inspiration. Watch her acceptance speech and the tribute video to her great career here

4. Brad Pitt
His unexpected appearance to present the movie Moonlight (he is the producer) was a welcomed surprise! He looked handsome, like always, but also a bit "beaten".

5. The Stallone Sisters!
Sistine, 18, Scarlet, 14 and Sophia, 20 were this year's Miss Golden Globes. I spotted them since last year (see my post here). Lovely girls!

6. Last but not least, The Red Carpet
Lovely ladies in stunning outfits, but my top favorite were 4!
Mandy Moore in a navy caped Naeem Khan

Emma Stone in a pink sparkly Valentino

My lovely "Dolores", Evan Rachel Wood in a custom made suit by Altuzarra

Hailee Steinfeld in a sheer lilac very princess-y Vera Wang gown

Here's to the most bittersweet Golden Globe Awards so far.

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Photos via PopSugar, The Daily Mail