Travel Diary // Paris - Part III

If you have already been to Paris, you know there is A LOT of walking. An awful lot! But it's worth every single step... Le Metro (the huge and very complex Parisian subway) really saved us money and time, we only had to take a cab once.

In this 3rd part of my huge Paris Guide, I will share with you some more of Versailles (check also Part I) and some pretty places from the 9th District (that's where we were staying).

Les Versailles is a magical place that everyone must visit at least once in their lives. It's not just the massively huge golden palace or the labyrinthine gardens that are spreading for 2,000 acres or the hundreds of statues, it's also the many other buildings that surround them and the beautiful forest that you just cannot believe is part of a palace!

The Temple of Love is inside that forest, next to the Petit Trianon and it will take you breath away. There is even a tiny river that runs by. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, listen to the water and the birds and for a moment you will believe that you are in heaven.

Inside the main Palace, my top favorite room was the Hall of Mirrors (that ceiling!) and Marie Antoinette's Playroom (loved the harp and the color of the furniture).

Arrondissement 9. Now, let me take you for a walk around the neighborhood where we stayed during our trip to Paris, also know as the 9th District.

First and most spectacular is L'Opera Garnier (or Palais Garnier). Breathtaking exterior and stunningly beautiful interiors. There is an urban legend that the Phantom of the Opera lived here, underground... (I believe it! I am a sucker for stories like this)

District 9 is a very artistic neighborhood, and apart from the Opera, there are many theaters and galleries and some very gorgeous buildings of high architectural importance.

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Of course, I couldn't leave you without an Eiffel Tower photo!

Have a great week, my darlings, and worry not, a Part IV is on its way!

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All photos by me and the Duke via my Instagram

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