Dress // H&M, similar here
Necklace // H&M, similar here
Bag // ASOS (old), similar here
Hat // H&M (old), similar here
Boots // ZARA (old), similar here

Over the past two weeks, I feel like a bird in a cage. First, I removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth and I had to stay in to recover. A week later I had an eye injury (again...) so I had to stop wearing makeup and contact lenses. One day, the medicine I was taking for my teeth interacted with those I took for my eye and suddenly I had a third problem to deal with: allergic reaction... It's so frustrating and funny at the same time that you can never have only one #storyofmylife

It's like a domino effect, once something goes wrong, something else will follow. But, I don't let them get to me. I will eventually come out of my "birdcage" and do all the things I love doing.

Luckily, we have shot 4 outfits (this is the 2nd so there are 2 more left), which means that the blog will keep going while I recover from all those happening to me, haha.

|barefoo duchess|

Photos by The Duke