Le Tutu

Skirt // Lynne (old), similar here
Top // Stradivarius (old), similar here
Shoes // Stradivarius (old), similar here
Beret // Stradivarius (old), similar here
Bag // Missguided (old), similar here
Chocker // H&M, similar here

I ADORE tutu skirts. If you wanna make me happy, just give me a fluffy tutu skirt and you will absolutely make my day! I have 10 in my closet: 3 black, 2 with polka dots, 1 white, 2 pink, 1 baby blue (dress), 1 dark red (dress) and I will keep on buying, you can bet on that!

Whenever I wear a tutu skirt, I am in my natural state. It feels so comfortable, so me! Tutu skirts have been my favorite since I was very very little, basically a toddler. I was attending ballet classes since I was 3 years old and my mom thought I enjoyed dancing, which I did; but the tutus were actually the prize! As a young adult, I had to become more "serious" but every time I 'd see a girl wearing a tutu, I desperately wanted one for myself. Now, free from "musts" and "donts" I wear whatever makes me feel and look at my best, at least the way I see myself.

I advise you to do the same. Trust me, you will be liberated.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke