The amazing style of Dita Von Teese

When I first discovered Dita, it was in the early 00s inside the pages of a female magazine, where she was pictured performing her bourlesque show inside a gigantic martini glass! I was so fascinated not only by the uniqueness of her idea dancing in a glass, but also by the fact that there was a woman, that was not skinny (back then, you had to be very skinny to be considered worthy appearing in a magazine), taking showbiz by storm!

The years passed and Dita is one of the most stylish women alive, she is actually a reference in the fashion world and her style is considered iconic. Her daily outfits consist of feminine 40s & 50s looks modernized in her own unique and sexy way always featuring her trademark, her tiny waist of 56 cm that can be laced down as far as 42 cm!

Here are some of my favorite Dita looks. Enjoy!

|barefoot duchess|