Do Not Disturb

Dress // PerfectDress
Shoes // Soludos (old), similar here
Bag // ZARA, similar here
Hat // Hondos, similar here

When I am working, I don't want to be disturbed. I know people that enjoy listening to music or have the TV on when they study/work/create. This is impossible for me. Although through the years I have evolved into a multi-tasker, even the tiniest distraction can blow up everything. I can be focused on my work that can be 4 or even 5 different projects at the same time, but if something happens that is outside that scope, then my brain stops. It's like a ritual, a sacred procedure is interrupted. No matter how much I have tried to overcome this, I simply cannot handle it.

Are you able to work with distraction? Or am I the only maladjusted person you know?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by Denia Kokoroskou