Sing A Song

Hat // Stradivarius (old), similar here
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As a child, I studied music for 9 years. I played the piano and I was a member of 2 (or 3) choirs in my hometown (good ear, correct tone of voice), however I wasn't having so much fun with it...

Music had been a large part of my childhood, although not one that I enjoyed much, I have to admit. My mother insisted that I should know how to play the piano and sing, because she thought of it as something very elegant, appropriate and important for a woman to know. I think that forcing me to do something and labeling it as a "must-do" was one of the reasons why I haven't played a single note ever since. I am telling you the truth. Not a single one! The other one was the terrible teacher I had... And by saying terrible, I mean a person who might have been a great pianist herself, but had no idea how to teach others, especially children.

I love listening to others play and sing, I still have that good ear, but please don't ask me to play anything. I don't remember how! Not even the easiest piece of music. Maybe I'll sing, but don't count on it.

Important Note: I have never touched a guitar in my life (the Duke is the owner and the guitarist in the family), I have no clue how to hold it properly, but I guess it was easier to bring this instead of my piano for the photoshooting, ahaha. So please be kind =)

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