Time Traveller

Dress // PerfectDress
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Shoes // Rococo (old), love these too
Bag // ZARA

I love the time and space I am living, however if I could I would time-travel to see and experience the times that have shaped humanity and civilization, to meet the important men and women that changed the course of human history! Ancient Greece, Egypt and China, the Italian Renaissance, the Roaring 20s in the US, the 50s in Paris and the list could go on forever.

When I saw this dress the first thing that came to my mind were the Hawaiian 40s dresses in the Pearl Harbor movie!! No, I wouldn't time-travel to the day of the attack, but to the carefree sunny days before that and maybe try to prevent it. But how? Hmm, maybe I should start making a plan so they wouldn't think I was a spy, ahaha.

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Photos by The Duke