Yellow Daisies

Dress // PerfectDress
Petticoat // PerfectDress
Shoes // New Look
Bag // Carpisa, similar here

Yellow is a tricky color, especially for blondes and people with pale or yellow-ish skin. It has to be bright, but not too bright, and should be paired with cool or neutral colors like pinks, blues, nudes or whites. At least, this is the outcome of my personal observation after many years of failing to wear yellow and not look ill or even dead...

Although I love wearing it, I am also afraid of it, so I always try it in natural light to see if it looks good on me. The yellow shades that I reject are: mustard, lime and lemon-pie, aka those that have an extra hint of green (which is actually blue, but looks green in combination with yellow, you know, basic color mix).

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by Denia Kokoroskou