Divine Wisteria

Top // Stradivarius, similar here
Shoes // Nelly.com (sold out), similar here
Bag // ZARA, similar here
Hair-band // old, similar here

I wish it was Spring again... and then Summer! It's not that I don't love Fall or Winter, all seasons have their beauty, something different to look forward to, but I am a warm weather kind of person. Besides, I didn't enjoy this Summer as much as I wanted, but shouldn't be complaining because many awesome things happened (and many more are coming).

First of all, my Duke and I became best man and maid of honor (koumbaroi as we say it in Greek) for a very lovely couple, Angelos & Joanna. Angelos and my Duke are best friends since kindergarten (!) and that wedding was very important for us. We also renovated our house, not with many but significant changes: dropped two walls and painted it in white and pastels which was much much needed. Important Note: we donated, gifted, trashed more than 80% of our belongings (yes we did) since we are going through a phase of "less is more" and decided not to keep things that we don't need anymore.

Now, about what's coming... Well, I cannot tell you much yet, because nothing is finalized yet, but shoes and traveling are involved #boom

Stay tuned! More lovely things are coming and I cannot wait to share them with you

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke