Lady from Shanghai

Dress // ZARA, same here
Shoes // Stradivarius, similar here
Purse // ASOS
Fan // Jumbo
Earrings // ZARA, similar here

No, today's outfit has no relation to the famous 40s movie. My inspiration actually came from Shanghai and the women that lived there during the mid-century and their style, but had nothing to do with Rita Hayworth. Besides, none of her costumes in that movie resembles to Shanghai's fashion at the time. She was more of The Lady from the US in Shanghai, just to make that clear.

Couple of days ago, I was discussing with a friend about my outfits and she asked me where I get my inspiration. For those of you that wonder, I am inspired by people, places, movies, songs, stories, books and many more everyday things and situations that actually mean something to me. I can't just create an outfit "by order" or because it is "trendy". It will look and feel fake and I will not enjoy it. Because this is why I love what I do: I enjoy the whole process, from conceiving the title to finding the perfect location, picking the correct shoes or even spending 2 hours (!) at the hair salon so that my hair will look like this.

The inspiration for today's outfit came from the dress! I spotted it on the rack, grabbed it and went to the fitting room. I bought it (because not all clothes and accessories are gifted or loaned to me) and immediately created an outfit in my head with accessories I already own. Because that's what Barefoot Duchess is all about: To help you look Chic and Stylish without spending a fortune!

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Photos by The Duke