Last Days of Summer // Photo Diary

It might be the middle of October, but here in Athens the weather is wonderful. Sunny and warm, with clear skies and no less than 25 Celsius degrees during the day is like it is calling us to go out and soak up some sun for the cold winter days. One of those days, my friend Marianna and I decided to go out for a brunch and some chit-chat.

We sat at the Athenaeum Conservatory Cafe, Kelari and I treated myself with some carrot cake - which was delicious, you should try it - and a freddo espresso, while Marianna went for a toast and a fresh orange juice. Their open space is lovely and quiet during the day, you can also go their to read a book or even do some work.

Before heading back home, we went for a stroll at Areopagitou Str. where some stunning buildings and houses stand tall under the Acropolis. Feeling so blessed and lucky that I live in this city, because, no matter what, the sun will shine eventually and the historical center is so beautiful, like a postal card.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by me & Marianna from Vintageholic