The Garden of Golden Apples

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Apples have been widely used in human history in mythology (the Golden Apple of Discord that caused the Trojan war and the Garden of Hesperides, one of Hercules's quests), religion (Adam and Eve's forbidden fruit), fairytales (Snow White and the poisoned apple), even in science (Newton's theory of gravity is said to be inspired by an apple falling on his head), technology (everybody knows Apple Inc. and their famous bitten logo) and knick-naming cities, like New York as the Big Apple. The uses and metaphors are so many I could write an entire essay. But this is not what I am supposed to do, not here.

I choose to think of apples not as something sinful or evil but as a symbol of knowledge and strength (an apple a day, sends the doctor away) and I encourage you to do the same. Knowing and learning new things every day is the most important thing for a well informed and up-to-date human. Especially now, that everything happens so fast and our lives are consumed by our daily routines. Just like it is good for your health to eat an apple a day, same goes to learn something new everyday. A new skill, a new hobby, even making new friends and going to new places.

The more you see and hear and learn, the wider your mind opens and your life will be fuller, happier and filled with many surprises, good or bad it doesn't really matter. Be in the know and the now.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke