My New Phone Case // Shop

It's been quite some time now that I wanted to get a case for my new phone , a Samsung Galaxy A5, which I had to buy earlier than expected because my previous phone was stolen back in November. After looking only online, because if you don't own an iPhone, then, sorry, you don't get to find pretty phone cases in the Greek market, I finally found a case that was looked like it was made for me!

And I am talking about this beauty pictured on the photo above! It is from AnandaImage, an online retailer on Etsy that prints cases for many devices. Check them out, you might find your dream phone case too! You can buy mine here, and see my picks below. The only thing you need to do before ordering is to check on their list that the case you like can be printed for the model of your phone

|barefoot duchess|

Photo via my Instagram