Daily Look // July.14

Exarcheia, Athens, Greece. Today, I am introducing a new section on my blog, which I have named Daily Looks. Many of you are asking me how to wear in your every day life the dresses and skirts I am wearing in the editorial photoshootings I have been creating for my blog the last 5 years, so I decided that it is time to show you.

I am wearing most of my clothes more than once, so you might see the same dress or skirt but especially my accessories (shoes, bags, scarves etc.) in more than one outfit.

If you want to buy them, just click on the product photos below and you will be redirected to the online shop I got it from or to a very similar one, if I cannot find the exact same item or if it is too old or out of stock.

This first look I am posting, was my choice for an early dinner and early drinks on a summer Saturday evening. It involved a lot of walking around the center of Athens, so I picked a pair of flat sneakers.

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by The Duke