"Southern Belle"

Shirt // ZARA
Hat // ZARA
Shoes // Stradivarius (old)

By the title "Southern Belle" I am in no way implying that I am one... Nor that I wish I was. Other than the clothes that were my inspiration for this outfit, there is nothing that resembles to my lifestyle and beliefs. After clearing that out from the beginning, let me walk you through the journey of my inspiration.

I love watching TV series, usually 2-3 at the same time period. They are like movies, but longer in duration and with deeper meanings and feelings. One of the series I am watching these days is "Sharp Objects", based on Gillian Flynn's novel. The plot is situated in the American deep South and in previous week's episode, they had a fest celebrating/remembering the Civil War between the North and the South, despite the fact that the South lost that war...

That said, the costumes people were wearing reminded me one of my top favorite books and movies, Gone With the Wind. The main character, Scarlett O'Hara, is one of the most famous Southern Belles.

The Southern belle (derived from the French word belle, 'beautiful') is a stock character representing a young woman of the American Deep South's upper socioeconomic class. The image of the Southern belle developed in the South during the antebellum era. It was based on the young, unmarried woman in the plantation-owning upper class of Southern society. [source: Wikipedia]

My version of Southern Belle is of course a modern one. They did not wear their shirts tied on their waists or their hair down and blown by the wind. Although I enjoy being inspired by the past, I usually apply it to the present. This is my way of seeing the knowledge of the past. Inspirational and adaptable.

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Photos by The Duke