Forties Vibes

Pants // ZARA TRF
Shirt // ZARA
Shoes // ZARA (very old)
Bag // ZARA (old)
Earrings // ZARA

Ever since I remember myself, I have been trying out styles, looks, trends from past decades or current fashion, mixing them, matching them, adopting or rejecting them. Until the age of 35 I was still figuring out my personal style. In fact, I still am. Although, I now know what looks good on me, I consider style as an ongoing process.

Experimenting on 1940's style is my recent hobby! I love retro looks, but I want to adjust them to my body type, my personal style and the nowness, make them look a bit modern, because looking like I came out of a time machine is not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I tried it and I don't like it. I like girls that look like that, I even follow a bunch of them on Instagram, but I don't like it on me.

This outfit was inspired by Katharine Hepburn's androgynous style, with high-waisted wide-legged pants, a simple white shirt and a pair of soft brogues. I added my large earrings, my straw bucket bag and a fan (it was very hot that day). It was one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn for a photoshooting and, after seeing the photos, it definitely became one of my top favorite!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke