Apple Season

Skirt // Stradivarius
Shoes // Stradivarius
Beret // Stradivarius
Top // ZARA (very old)

Apple season is on! You can find apples in all colors, flavors and sizes. My favorite ones are those called "starking", they have a deep wine red color, they are crunchy when you bite them and their taste is sweet and sour.

I miss my grandmother's apple pie. I also miss my grandmother... It was her birthday couple of days ago (3rd October)... I haven't shared it with you, but my grandmother passed away in March. She was like a mother to me and my brothers and I miss her a lot; seeing her, hugging her, calling her.

But she wouldn't like me to be sad. Her smile was her trademark and she taught me it is the best accessory, after your hair, of course. When I was a kid and would start crying about something, she would sing to me in a waltz-y tune "how ugly you look when you are crying" and I would instantly forget what made me sad and started laughing.

Grandmother Alexandra was my biggest fan, my first personal photographer and my style icon. This outfit is dedicated to her, her effortless smile and her delicious apple pies. I miss her so much...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke