Dorinus Illustrations // Custom Fashion Portraits

Those of you who follow me a long time know that I am a great fan of the Hungarian fashion illustrator, Dorina Nemeskeri aka Dorinus Illustrations. She is one of the most talented, humble and sweet people I know, although we haven't met in real life yet. I only know her digitally, but there are some key things you can figure out from a digital interaction:

1. The duration of politeness is the first thing you should pay attention. Most people are polite when they meet someone online, especially when it is for work. After 2-3 emails, the person who is faking politeness will start showing their true colors. If they become rude, my advice is not to move on to a collaboration
2. Another thing you should notice is the difference between humble vs arrogant. The arrogant person will "thank you for your kind words" but the next second will begin talking/writing about how amazing they are and how perfect their work is and how many things they know etc. My advice is to stay away because if something goes wrong (blown up deadlines, extra fees, last minute call-offs) they will blame you!
3. Last thing to keep in mind, when meeting/working with someone through social media, is the response time to your messages. The person who is professional and willing to work with you will reply withing a few hours. If someone is taking more than a week, you should better let it go.

Dorina is always polite, very humble and extremely professional. This is why, besides her amazing illustrations, I also like her as a person. Couple of days ago, I received a personal portrait inspired by this look. So, if you want your own custom fashion portrait, to frame and decorate your bedroom or your living room or even your office, you should definitely consider Dorina.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos c/o Dorinus Illustrations