Dorinus Illustrations // 2019 Agenda

November is already here and we have less than 60 days left for 2019 to begin! Since high-school, I realized that I am a "writing down everything" type of person, because I kind of choose to forget... That might sound weird, but I actually do that, selectively of course.

I don't want to stress my brain with dates and meetings and time-schedules, because I need a lot of free brain space to be creative. I never wear a watch (yes, you are not going to see any watches around here) and time has a very fluid essence for me... I can do the exact same things very quickly or very slowly depending my mood, my level of willingness to do them and the weather outside! (omg, I sound so weird, haha...)

I have been buying agendas for almost 3 decades, and for some years I had not 1 but 2 of them, a personal and one for the office, and most of them looked boring and dull. Since 2017 that I found Dorina on Etsy, my agendas finally turned stylish and pretty. Check the phots and buy yours in Pink or in Grey

|barefoot duchess|

Photos c/o Dorinus Illustrations