Emily Blunt Covers Harper's Bazaar // January 2019

Emily wears Dolce & Gabbana dress with De Beers jewellery, photographed by Richard Phibbs for Harper's Bazaar

I have to admit that Emily Blunt wasn't one of my favorites from the beginning. The fact that we were growing up together (she's 35 now and I am 40) made that even trickier. Very few people become famous and admired from the very start of their career and I think that Emily wasn't one of those. However, she worked hard, chased the opportunities and made the right decisions in order to become one of the most talked about actresses right now. She is definitely one to watch and be inspired by.

The cover shoot she did for Harper's Bazaar UK was dreamy and based upon her latest film, Mary Poppins returns. I picked some of her words in quotes:

About returning to London, her native city
"I rediscovered how much I adore it. I love the attitude here, the general irreverence and authenticity. I love being back and seeing my friends and going to all the familiar places. When you grow up, it sometimes feels that version of yourself is slipping through your fingers. To rediscover something is really special."

About Dame Judi Dench
"She taught me everything about how to be gracious and graceful and not take it seriously; she showed me how I wanted to be for the rest of my career. It just takes one person to toxify everything, and those are the movies you can’t wait to see the back of."

About her grandmother
"She was so magical! She’d make up wonderful stories, and she was a beautiful artist – we have her water-colours and pastels and acrylics all over my mum’s house and all over my apartment. She could whip up something fanciful and fab from a few things in the fridge - she was such a presence in all of our lives."

About being a quiet child with a stutter
"Because I couldn’t speak fluently, I watched and listened. I’d be on the Tube, and I’d wonder about people and invent back stories for everyone. There’s always been a natural desire to walk in the shoes of others."

About motherhood
"We are both massively hands-on, and we love it. I’m so lucky with John (her husband). But I was colossally unprepared for how life-changing it is. Like all mothers, I think, “What was I doing with my day before I had children?” It’s so full-on and they need you so much; I do find myself in a perpetual state of distraction."

Her upcoming Disney movie "Mary Poppins Returns" will be in theaters all over Greece by tomorrow, 20th December 2018.

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Photos and quotes via Harper's Bazaar

Emily wears Giles Deacon couture, photographed by Richard Phibbs for Harper's Bazaar

Emily wears Dior with Russell & Bromley boots and umbrella by Fox Umbrellas, photographed by Richard Phibbs for Harper's Bazaar

Emily wears Dior with boots by Tabitha Simmons for Brock Collection, photographed by Richard Phibbs for Harper's Bazaar