Veiled Glamour

Dress // SheIn
Bag // ASOS
Veil // Etsy
Gloves // SheIn
Belt // SheIn
Shoes // Thomas Shoes

I always love some Old Hollywood glamour for the Christmas Holidays, like I am ready to dance to Frank Sinatra's songs with him inside the room. I have a wild imagination, I know...

So, in order to be Sinatra-ready, all you need is:
1. A classic tea length dress, black or whatever winter color you prefer (burgundy, purple, dark green, mustard yellow, dusty pink are also my favorites) in bulky fabric
2. Some retro twists (tiny waist, bare shoulders, full skirt) and touches (long gloves, a veil, a pair of dancing shoes)
3. Last, but not least, just add a modern accessory, so that you don't feel like you popped out of a time machine. For this photoshoot, I grabbed my round cage bag, which I absolutely adore.

Will you go glam this festive time of year?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke