40 +1 Things About Me

1- I have been living in Athens, Greece, since 2002.
2- As a little girl I wanted to become a ballerina. Then an archaeologist. Then a psychologist. Then an advertiser. That last one actually happened. I worked for 10 very productive years in advertising.
3- I adore butterflies. Have them on my logo too
4- My husband's last name is Duke (Doukas in Greek), main inspiration for my blog's name
5- Laughing is my cardio

6- I was born in Athens, Greece, but lived my entire childhood and went to school in Pyrgos.
7- My mom is from Thessaloniki and my dad is from Zaharo. Both my parents are medical doctors
8- I have two brothers, both younger than me, Aris and Giorgos
9- I lived in Patras for 4 years, as a University student. Love that city!
10- My first degree is in Preschool Education. Never worked on this field.

11- The Duke and I started dating in early February 1997, when we were both students at the University of Patras.
12- Also lived a whole year in Guildford, Surrey, England, for my master's degree
13- I have a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. Never worked on this field either.
14- Got married in 2006.
15- Started blogging in 2012

16- Favorite romantic destination: Paris, France
17- Favorite Season: Spring, followed closely by Summer
18- Favorite summer destination: Ios Island, Cyclades
19- I get dizzy when I am traveling and I am not the one who is driving
20- On my bucket list: Japan. Tokyo, Geishas, Sakura trees in Spring and the view of mount Fuji

21- I have Hashimoto Thyroid Disease. Was diagnosed at the age of 23. 
22- Tend to avoid alcohol, all kinds
23- I go running 3km 3 times a week
24- Daily water intake: 4 liters
25- I don't smoke

26- Favorite superfood: Eggs.
27- Love bread and everything doughy. And cakes.
28- Favorite milk chocolate: Milka.
29- New favorite fast food:  Crêpes, both sweet and savory
30- Not much of a cook

31- I really miss dancing Tango. The Duke and I took lessons for our wedding.
32- Terrified of heights
33- Favorite Movie: The "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy
34- I am a TV-series binge-watcher. Long Live Netflix
35- I speak 4 languages: Greek and English fluently, French so and so and basic German. I also understand Italian and Spanish but it's very difficult for me to speak.

36- Got stitches on my left eyebrow when I was 2 years old. Still visible
37- Never wore braces although they were very popular when I was a teen.
38- Pneumonia almost killed me in 1997. I was hospitalized in Rio, Patras, for 2 weeks.
39- I had 3 IVFs. No children
40- Strong supporter of medical check ups. The most important thing to own is a healthy body.

41- I will be turning 41 years young this June!

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by The Duke