Smarty Pants

Knit Sweater // H&M
Trousers // ZARA
Heels // H&M
Sunglasses // Stradivarius
Beret // Stradivarius
Bag // Forever 21

I am not really a "pants" type. Of course I will wear them when it is very cold outside or if they look like a skirt (remember this one?) if I haven't shaved my legs... But in general I don't go for a pair of trousers.

As absurd as this may sound to most of you, I don't feel that comfortable wearing them, I don't feel like myself. Apart from 2-3 palazzo pants inside my closet, I also have 2 high-waisted legging-like cropped pairs of jeans, the one I am wearing in the photos and another one with polka dots (what a surprise...) which I also took with me on our trip to Paris (check it here and here).

And if I ever pick pants to wear, I will try to "girly them up" as much as possible, with a pair of high heels, a cute bag and bows on my hair.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke