My Walk-In Closet // Home Decor

It's been so long that I wanted to share my closet makeover with you, but I felt that now the time was right to do so. By the end of Summer of 2017 we renovated our apartment (some wall demolition, painting the entire flat, lacquering the floors, adding some extra lights on the ceiling). It took almost 2 months and it was a stressful but at the same time very healing and liberating procedure.

First thing we had to do was to figure out what we actually wanted to keep regarding furniture, linens, clothing/shoes and decorations. To cut the (very) long story short, before we found out who Marie Kondo and her method was, we got rid of half of our belongings! 20% was sold, 20% was trashed and the rest 60% was donated. Best feeling in the world. Since that huge purge, I have been doing mini clean-outs every two-three months in order to keep the house on balance and it is working. Our apartment is ALWAYS tidy and everything has its place, every item has a "home".

My walk-in closet is an entire room filled with my clothes, shoes and accessories and is decorated with some pretty and affordable items. It is still an ongoing process and every now and then I add/remove/alter some things so it becomes even more functional depending on my needs and wants.

I have the prettiest shoes and purses on display, while the rest of them are packed in their boxes inside a closet. Same goes for my skirts and dresses; my favorite are on display hanging in the open, while the rest are inside another closet. The rest of my clothes (tops, coats, bags, hats, scarves etc.) are also in closets or boxes. They all have "their home" so it is very easy for me to grab them when I need them and apart from seasonal items, every single thing is within reach.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by me