Paris Couture Week Spring 2019 // Alexandre Vauthier

Although at this moment all fashion houses and brands are showing their upcoming Fall 2019 collections at Fashion Weeks on the great fashion capitals of the world (I think that we are between London and Milan right now), I chose to share with you some Couture from Spring 2019.

The main reason is that I am still gathering photos from Fall 2019 and deciding on my favorite collections, while the Couture Week is over and I have finally made up my mind on what I want to show you via my blog.

Loved the polka dots, the ruffles, the whites and the blacks, the huge sleeves, but I am seriously crushing on the heeled sandals with straps covered in rows of pearls!! I need to have these sandals in my life, like right now. But I can't afford them... So, I am on a mission to find their more affordable dupes. If you see anything similar, let me know!

|barefoot duchess|

All photos via Vogue