Spring 2019 Prêt-à-Porter // Dolce e Gabbana

One of my favorite shows to watch has always been the one by Dolce e Gabbana. Their collection for Spring 2019 had everything I could hope for: flowers, printed, real or embellished, on the garments or the hair or even the shoes and the bags; sunglasses looking like butterflies, metallic crowns and polka-dots. Pure art, don't you agree?

I love their designs and the way they dress up women (and men), because that's what they actually do; And this exactly how I believe fashion should be, a dress-up! I want to be creative when it comes to getting dressed, it elevates my mood and gives me so much confidence.

Their show included more than 150 looks, always extravagant, always breathtaking, and I picked to share with you my favorite but you can see their entire collection here.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via Vogue