Daily Look // March.19

48 Urban Garden, Athens, Greece. Any shade of pink, combined with white and beige, is my favorite mix when creating my Spring outfits. And what a lovely coincidence that was to match the Marks&Spencer Fashion Show concept and decor for their Spring 2019 collection. I was so excited when I saw the backdrop, so I asked my friend Marianna to take me a photo in front of it!

Barbie Pink along with Emerald Green were my "new in" colors for Spring 2018 wardrobe, which I am definitely keeping for 2019. This year's bright color new addition, however, is Lemon Yellow, which I have already got quite a few pieces and you will be seeing me wearing a lot!

Any suggestions for a second Spring color for 2019? Let me know!

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by Marianna Vintageholic