Influencer VS Inspirator

Shoes // ZARA (old)
Belt // ZARA (old)
Purse // Folli Follie (very old)
Earrings // ZARA (old)

I do not consider myself an influencer. Never wanted to be one and still don't accept that term, at least not for me. I don't wish to influence anyone, that's not my goal or the purpose of my blog. Buying or wearing things you have seen on my blog blindly kinda makes me sad.

What I do want and gives me great pleasure is to inspire you to adapt and adjust my suggestions to your own style, your lifestyle and taste. I wish to be your inspirator to become creative, to try new things you haven't thought of or dared to before; to decide if what you see suits you, satisfies you and makes you feel nice, no way just because I say so, but because you want to!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke