About Pleats & Fluting

Top // MANGO (sold out)
Bag // ZARA
Shoes // ASOS (old)
Belt // ZARA (very old)
Earrings // Marks & Spencer

I have always considered the classic designs of ancient Greece, from Architecture and Fashion, to Ships and Jewelry, ultimate specimens of beauty and elegance. Today, my inspiration came from the columns, that held and decorated the interior and exterior of almost all important ancient Greek buildings and temples, and the clothing garments, that the Greeks were wearing also named "chitons".

Both fluting and pleats create texture and a 3-dimensional perspective to an otherwise flat and symmetrical object, like a round column and a piece of clothing. Especially for a skirt (or a dress), pleats also give movement even if when you don't move! I wasn't always such a fan of pleated skirts, because I thought they were not right for my body type, but once I got one for a gift, I totally changed my mind! I am now the proud owner of 4 pleated skirts (white, ivory, beige and yellow) that I really enjoy wearing and will keep doing so, since I think they are classics and will never go out of style.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke