Paris Couture Week Spring 2019 // Valentino

Here is another post from Spring 2019 Couture Week that took place last January in Paris and this time I chose to show you my favorites from Valentino's collection.

Extra volume, extra colors, extra flowers, extra ruffles, extra everything, to be exact, are words that come to my head when I go through this amazing collection. Even the models' lashes are covered with flower petals, for the love of fairies! Deep plunges, open backs and transparencies allow a very little amount of skin to be shown under the bulks of fabric, and rumor has it that ALL 65 dresses were named from flowers, however, I wasn't able to find any proof of that.

I am obsessed with this collection, but you can see for yourself. Keep scrolling down for more...

|barefoot duchess|

All photos via Vogue