Messinian Spa Precious Hair Oil // Review

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Those of you who read my blog for quite some time, already know that I am obsessed with all kinds of beauty oils for face, body and hair. Especially for my hair, in order to keep it long, strong and healthy, I had been using the most expensive ones in the market over the years. Some were very good, others a bit heavy or too sticky for my hair type, but, overall, most of them kept my hair in a great condition. 
Couple of months ago, I decided to try Messinian Spa's Precious Hair Oil which I received in a PR package, with no intention to keep using it, if it did not deliver the results I would have hoped for. You see, when I am strongly opinionated about something, like "only expensive oils are good for my hair" I can be too strict beforehand. 

Well, I am very happy to share that it proved me wrong; this hair oil is magnificent! It is lightweight, smells beautifully and you don't need too much product to do the work. 

How I use it
On Dump Hair - After washing and drying my hair with a towel and before a blow-dry or heated styling with my wand, I apply 4-5 pumps on one hand, warm it up with both hands and then spread it on my hair, from the neck down. 
As A Mask - Again from the neck down, I apply 5-6 pumps for 1-hour before washing my hair, whenever I feel it is too dry, especially after many styling sessions with heated tools (drier, wand, curler etc). 

Why I like it
As I already said, it is lightweight, you don't need too much product and it smells like heaven for almost 24 hours. My curls are soft and bouncy and split ends are no longer a worry for me, because my hair is hydrated and nourished. Last, but not least important, it does not make the hair look greasy or lifeless after 2-3 days. 

I am definitely buying this again! 

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

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