My Primers // Review

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Lately, I have been using 4 different primers in my makeup routine, each one for different reasons and purposes. But let me explain why I use so many, because, honestly, I thought that one was enough, but it seems that I was wrong. At least, I haven't found that ONE that will cover all my needs yet.

NYX * Angel Veil
One of the best and most affordable primers out there, Angel Veil is moisturizing, evens out my skin tone and gives a matte finish. I use it whenever I pick a glow-y makeup routine to avoid greasiness or better to prevent the glow-becoming-oiliness within the first couple of hours.

YSL * Blur Perfector
It is not the best product I have ever tried, it is expensive and I think it has been discontinued, aka I cannot find it anymore. I use it to blur my pores (I have many and large ones on my cheeks, my chin and my forehead above the nose), everytime I use a lightweight foundation so that my skin will look flawless. I keep using it because I spent too much money for it, 40 euro, if I can remember correctly. When I finish the product, I am definitely keeping the packaging in my purse; it is pink and very pretty and has a mirror that can be useful.

MAX FACTOR * Miracle Prep
I got this in a PR package and loved it from the moment I tried it. It is moisturizing and gives a discreet glow on the skin. I use it with matte foundations to help them not to crease around my mouth and on my forehead and has never let me down.

RADIANT * Matt Finish Transparent Base
I also got this one in a PR package. I love the matte transparent formula and use it whenever the outside temperature is high or when my skin is too oily, depending what day of my period is. It is long lasting and gives a matte but also smooth texture to the skin.

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

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