When Life Gives You Lemons...

Shoes // Tsakiris-Mallas (very old)
Bag // ZARA
Skirt // H&M
Scarf // SheIn
Earrings // H&M

... you make lemonade, lemon pie, lemon pudding, lemon marmalade and everything else that can be made with lemons and keep them close to your heart and cherish them. Think this doesn't make any sense? Please, keep on reading...

Life, in general, is not a happy situation, at least not always and not for everyone. Every single day, all around the world, people are suffering, people are unhappy, people are alone. "Lemons" are the happy moments that life gives to many of us, every now and then. In my System of Values (yes, I have one of those), when you get to have a "lemon", you must appreciate it, be thankful for it and then make something out of it (aka lemonade, lemon pie etc), such as:

.be kind to others, this includes people, animals, plants, water, nature in general
.be humble, maybe you are the center of YOUR universe, but not everyone else's
.be more resilient, for your own sake and to be able to stand by your loved ones when they need you
.be more educated, because educating yourself can never be enough
.be more aware, of your surroundings, your taxes, your government, your laws, thank me later
.be less aggressive, stand up for yourself but with arguments, not yelling
.be more/less [you name it], according to your own System of Values

All that said, I have received more "lemons" than I ever expected within the 41 years of my life. I consider myself lucky and blessed, I cherish every single one of my "lemons" and I never stop making the most out of them!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke