Daily Look // August.22

Tholo Ilias, Greece. This tiny village in the southwest of Ilia, Peloponnese, is where my dad was born (1939) and raised during the difficult years of the WWII German occupation. Very few people have remained here since the 1960s, however in the mid 1980s it became a touristic destination for people from all over Europe, when my dad and my uncle opened one of the first organized campsites in Greece. Now, it has taverns, bungalows and beach bars.

On the photo, right behind me, you can see the relic of the old train station, built in the early 1900s (!) which was abandoned in 2011, when the Greek Government decided to stop all itineraries from Patras downwards as non-profitable. It makes me sad and angry at the same time, because I think this was a terrible decision, considering the fact that it was taken couple of days after the network had been restored (doesn't make sense, I know) and a step backwards for Tourism and eventually the region's Economy.

I still have a tiny hope that things will change and the network will be restored/extended and start working again, with trains coming and going, bringing happy people to make beautiful memories.

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by The Duke, via my Instagram