3 Mascaras. Different Price. Same Result // Review

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Mascara is my beauty "holy grail". It was the first beauty product I ever used at the age of 16 and I am pretty sure I will be using mascara until the last of my days. I am always trying new ones or revisiting older ones that I loved or hated just in case I have changed my mind... But, before I get into the product reviews, let me tell you some things about my lashes and what I am looking for in a mascara:

.my lashes are blonde and almost non-visible 
.they have medium length and they naturally curl up 
.never apply product on my bottom lashes 
.the result I am always looking for is the "butterfly" or "doll", long and curly with extra volume 
.only wear black, not brown or blue or purple or green, just classic deep black
.no falsies for me
.replace or dispose my mascaras every 6-8 months depending the usage. If I get an infection I immediately throw them away
.never share my mascara with anyone; if you use it, you keep it or I throw it away

After several months of trying out mascaras that brands send to me but mostly that I go buy myself, I ended up using these three that you see on the photo, in rotation:

Too Faced / Better Than Sex 26.99 euros (also comes in mini size and in a bundle pack)
L'Oreal Paris / Paradise Extatic 16.99 euros 11.49 (I also have the waterproof version and the primer*)
Essence / Lash Princess, False Lash Effect 4.20 euros (I got it from Hondos Center in Ermou, I cannot find a link)

Three different mascaras, different price range, same result: thick, curly and long lashes! So, I though I should let you know about it, in case you were interested.

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

|barefoot duchess|

*I use this primer for ALL my looks with ALL the mascaras I own, not just the L'Oreal ones. I love it!

Photos by me