Fall 2019 Prêt-à-Porter // Ralph Lauren

Unbearably chic and excessively classy is all I can find to dramatically describe Ralph Lauren's Ready-to-Wear collection for Fall 2019! With black, white and gold as the key and only colors, this collection was presented in a very unique and intimate way, inside the brand's Madison Avenue historic mansion in New York. I personally loved the pleated skirts and dresses and, of course, all the golden/metallic accessories, from the jewelry and the belts to the shoes and even the buttons!

However... let me confess a concern I have: I am a bit confused, because the pieces look more "Spring" than Fall and I also read somewhere online that, this past week, during the New York Fashion Week shows, "Ralph Lauren presented his Fall 2019 collection" instead of the Spring 2020 one and I was quite baffled, but almost instantly passed it. Was that some kind of confusion or is it actually true. And if it is, is Ralph Lauren trying to break the wheel? Has he decided on his own to present the collections just in time before their launch and not 6 months prior like the 99% of the rest of the fashion houses? That would be groundbreaking and I am really surprised I haven't heard of it!

If you have any intel about this, please share, I really am very curious!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via Vogue