Jennifer Lopez in Versace

Last night, Jennifer Lopez closed the Versace runway show for Spring 2020 wearing THAT iconic green gown that she made famous back in 2000 Grammy Awards. She actually wore an updated version of it, where the upper part was different with pleats, cuts showing more skin, an open back and with no sleeves.

I also noticed that something else was different and I am not referring to the shoes, that were divine btw; I am referring to the way she walked the walk, oozing with confidence at the age of 50, looking glorious like a living goddess! In my opinion, she looks much more confident than she did 19 years ago and obviously more fit. She is so fabulous, a true inspiration and she made want to go to the gym right now!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via Harper's Bazaar, Entertainment Weekly, Allure and Immortal Beauties

Her first appearance with that iconic green dress back in 2000 @ the Grammy Awards

After the show with Donatella Versace