Velvet & Denim

Top // H&M (very old)
Shoes // H&M (old)
Bag // Zara
Scarf // Stradivarius
Hair clips // Zara

One of my favorite combinations for Fall (and Spring); the softness of velvet combined with the stiffness of denim creates a balanced result, ideal for any transitional period. As you might as well have noticed, I am still wearing my sandals and carrying my straw bags and, actually, I am not willing to switch quite yet.

Although September is coming into an end, it still feels like Summer here in Athens. That said, I am currently into a "purge" mode, meaning that I am cleaning out my closet, by giving, selling, donating, recycling or throwing away the clothes/shoes/accessories that I am not going to wear anymore. That way, I am making space for new things to come and getting excited about Fall.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke