@Acropolis Museum with NIVEA Deo

Couple of days ago, I visited (again) one of my favorite monumental buildings in Athens, the Acropolis Museum, thanks to Nivea. We were invited for the launch of the new Beauty Elixir deodorants, Sensitive against irritations especially after shaving and Fresh for long-lasting freshness.

I always appreciate an educational event, especially when taking place in a museum! We were very lucky to have a guide that walked and talked us through all the exhibits that were related to beauty. She explained how ancient Athenians took care of their bodies and how important it was for someone to be clean; people that smelled nice were highly appreciated. Surprisingly, apart from dying their hair and wearing makeup, they also removed hair from their bodies, both men and women, using the flame of tiny oil lamps, warm wax (just like today) and, in the later years, with specially formed blades! Afterwards, they would smear their bodies with oils made of honey, olive oil and flower extracts, to keep the skin smooth, soft and perfumed.

I was overwhelmed by the things I learned and the hospitality of the brand and their PR agency. I haven't tried the deodorants yet, but Nivea surely caught my attention! I will keep you posted in the Empties section on my Instagram, go check it out

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by Giannis Filippos Tissizis