Katie Holmes in Gabriela Hearst

Katie Holmes is my age, 6 months younger than me, but in her early 40s (born in December 1978) and I watched her growing up with me. She rose into stardom in our early 20s as Joey in Dawson's Creek drama TV series. Then, she became Tom Cruise's wife, right after his divorce with Nicole Kidman, which draw a lot of attention to her, thanks to Tom... jumping up and down on Oprah's couch trying so hard to convince the world that he was happily in love with her... (I still remember eye-rolling so hard my eye balls hurt!)

Couple of years later, Katie had me cheering and mentally high-fiving her of how masterfully she managed to divorce Tom Cruise and keep their daughter's custody, learning from Kidman's mistakes. I always appreciate people learning from mistakes, others' or their own. Although it might seem reasonable, it's not. People tend to do the same mistakes and make the same awful decisions over and over again. It's like a vicious circle. You just need to believe in yourself and break it!

Why am I telling you all that in an outfit post? Because I believe that I need to grab any opportunity to give some hype to women I appreciate, especially those who overcome obstacles and take what they want and deserve. If someone is strong and powerful that doesn't mean you are not stronger! You can do it too, you only need to believe it and work through it, with persistence and a well structured plan. You also need to be flexible and keep your calm. Just like Katie. Doesn't she look stunning in the suit and that smile?

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