Cate Blanchett covers Harper's Bazaar // December 2019

One of the most talented, most stylish, most beautiful women alive, Cate Blanchett is definitely one of my favorite. At the age of 50, with a blooming career and a very passionate personality, she has a very powerful impact on me. Among others, she is being honored at Bazaar’s Women of the Year Awards for her work highlighting the plight of refugees and her mission to bring us together.

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About her demanding career:
"There are so many books I haven’t read, so many films I haven’t watched, so many conversations I haven’t had, so many plants I haven’t planted," [...] "I’m always saying I’m going to give it up. I think I’m done – but then someone presents me with a challenge."

About the roles she chooses to play: 
"I’m never interested in portraying myself," [...] "For me, selfishly, it’s always about trying to understand someone else’s perspective. Often the further from my own experience and my set of values, the more fascinating it is. And the only way we can move forward is to learn from history."

About gender equality and women's rights:
"We’re still talking about same-sex restrooms, we’re still talking about women in the military, we’re still talking about reproductive freedom. And how many years ago was that? It really has been Groundhog Day."

About Armani and her being the face of Si:
"I’ve been in a creative dialogue with Armani since I was 14," [...] "I was always a great lover of masculine tailoring, and Armani was a huge touchstone for me in terms of growing up and developing my sense of aesthetic. And then to finally get to meet him and work with him, not only as a designer but also as a philanthropist –he designed the costumes for a play I directed – and now, being the “face”... It’s incredible, because I know how private he is. He takes a long time to move from being “Mr Armani” to being“Giorgio”, so I really prize our relationship."

About the refugee crisis:
"When I came onboard (as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the UN refugee agency), there were about 61 million displaced people around the world, and now there are over 70 million– and that’s in just a handful of years. The size and scale of the crisis is so over-whelming that it’s difficult to relate to"

You may read the entire interview by clicking here.

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