Camel & Black

Top // Zara
Skirt // Stradivarius
Coat // Zara (very old)
Boots // Zara (very old)
Bag // Forever21 (old)
Gloves // Longchamp (very old)
Earrings // Mango

When it comes to "office" looks I am on the top of my game, but, to be honest, I believe that they are totally necessary in a capsule closet. An office look can be worn not only at the office, but also at an important job interview or a critical presentation of your work to your peers, a crucial meeting with your clients or even to a visit at the doctor's office for your annual check-up. Yes, I do consider my annual health check-up as important as a job interview; both can be life changing!

An easy recipe to create an office look is:
  • neutral or muted colors
  • clothes with simple linings
  • comfortable shoes
  • easy to carry bag

When you are walking, sitting, talking in comfort, you can focus on the negotiations, instead of worrying weather, for example, your clothes are too tight. If your shirt/blouse/skirt/trousers/dress is tight, it will make it difficult for you to breathe properly, which will cause you anxiety and prevent you from thinking clearly during the discussion/meeting/presentation. Things will only get even worse, if your tight clothes get ripped before or during the meeting. Bright colors and prints are more appropriate for several other occasions, like more casual days, dinners, dates, weddings, special events etc. My advice is to stay on the safe side with pastels, neutrals and muted alternatives.

Also, if your heels are too high you will probably get tired before getting to your interview/meeting/presentation. I don't even want to think what might happen if you miss-step... Last but not least, pick a bag that is not too small or too big, but to fit in your wallet, house and car keys, your phone, plus if you are not already carrying a laptop or a tablet with you, take a note pad and a pen in case you need to take any notes.

Extra Tips: in the Summer toss a fan in your bag and in Winter a small umbrella.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke