Le Papillon

Shoes // Envie Shoes
Bag // ASOS (very old)
Tights // ZARA
Hair bow // Stradivarius

The title might seem irrelevant with what I want to discuss about in this blog post, however, it is more of a metaphor of what I want to say. "Le Papillon" is the butterfly in French. A butterfly, as you all may know, is an insect with a remarkable transformation from egg to adult, from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful colorful winged creature, all by its own. Likewise, humans, have a transformation from embryos to adults, however, their parents play a huge and very important role into the whole process and in the final outcome. A person's psyche, body and mind are mainly built by and with the support of their parents, from the day they are born until they become adults.

That said, I would like to share a short story with you, about my relationship with the piano, the musical instrument. From the early age of 7 and then for a whole decade, until the age of 16, I did piano lessons. Since the moment I last hit a key in the Summer of 1995, I never touched it again... You might be wondering why, but the answer is pretty simple: It was something my mother wanted, because "you will realize later how amazing it is to know how to play the piano", she kept telling me every time I said that I didn't like it and I wanted to learn French instead.

I have to admit that learning music and knowing how to play a musical instrument is a great gift, but for someone who really wants it. You cannot force the love for something into a child. If YOU like it, then YOU should be the one learning it. Children know from an early age what they like and what they believe will enjoy doing and ask for it. If they like something, they will tell you. And even if they start learning something they enjoy, teachers also play a huge role into the process and they need to able to transmit their knowledge and their love for a subject to a child, otherwise all is lost. I can write a whole thesis about this, but this blog is not the place to do it.

All I want to point out is: listen to your kids when they say they like something or not during the learning process. It means something. When I discuss about this with my mom, she feels so bad she was so suppressing to me, but at the time she thought it was the right thing to do. What you should really do, in my opinion, is to give your children as many options as possible for them to figure out what they are best at and what they love most, and support them. Don't force your own desires and dreams into your child.

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Photos by The Duke