Outfits 2019 // Review

What a wonderful year! 2019 was very kind to me, I have to admit. Some of it was by luck, but the rest was mostly personal choices. Today, I will sum up all my favorites of 2019, including my outfits and my beauty looks.

First of all, - and I am very excited about this - it was the year I started reading my books again! We have a huge bookcase in our apartment filled with amazing literature and I hadn't touched a book for almost 2 years, which made me sad, because it is one of my favorite things to do. After finishing my Master's degree and started working, I used to read 8-10 books yearly, mostly fiction, from classics to contemporary literature, in Greek and English. Reading is relaxing my body, but stimulating my brain. Not reading at all created a void. So, I set a personal goal back in August: Finish 1 book every 2 months. I managed to read 3 books in 5 months, for which I am really proud! I am planning to read as much as possible, since it is something that makes me feel very happy.

Updating my walk-in-closet, is always a fun and very exciting task for me. I love organizing everything, from our kitchen cupboards and the fridge to our bookcase and my makeup station, practically everything inside our house MUST be organized (I think it's an OCD, but who cares). Needless to say, when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories, I can work non-stop for hours and hours to get it done. 2019 was my second year as a "walk-in-closet owner". I made some alterations, some additions and a lot of de-cluttering. I want my space to look like a movie set or, like some of you say, a boutique window! You can read the updated post about my closet, here.

I consider makeup a hobby, a price-y one I have to be honest, however, I am not planning to give it up anytime soon. It is a great surprise for my friends when I tell them that I prefer spending more money on makeup than on clothes/shoes/accessories, since I have a capsule wardrobe, I don't follow trends, therefore I rarely need to add more items. The beauty industry is blooming and the launches of new makeup products are way more than one person can handle. I have my favorites, brands and products and textures and finishes, and in 2019 I shared some of them with you, on the blog and on my Instagram (check out my Empties Highlight, here). I have an endless list of makeup products that I want to try out, old and new, which grows bigger almost daily. Stay tuned!

After missing out in 2018, we finally made it to Ios island for our summer vacation! The weather was amazing, warm enough for staying at the beach all day and not very windy (which is very common in the Cycladic islands during August). We stayed at a beautiful hotel, we ate great food and fishes, we slept a lot and viewed the most beautiful sunset @ Ios Club. It was a blast!

Another thing that really made me happy in 2019 was the fact that I visited many beautiful Bistros and Cafés in Athens and had brunch or plain tea and coffee with my friends and family. Some I enjoyed more than others, like TazzaLa Maison du Grec and Quartier d'Athenes and I can't wait to visit more in the coming year.

On a more personal level, I am still struggling with the side-effects of my Hashimoto auto-immune disease, but this has become a routine for me and will stay with me forever; I am working out regularly (2-3 days a week) and drink 4 lt of water daily, I take the stairs instead of the elevator no matter the shoes I am wearing or how many levels I have to climb; I haven't renewed my blonde highlights since December 2018 although my grey hair is multiplying very quickly, but let's see how far that goes; I have adopted new makeup techniques (contouring, highlighting, blending) and added new products (setting spray, loose setting powder, bold color eyeshadow palettes) in my routine, all of them very daring for me, since I am more of a "natural look" kind of person.

Last but not least, my top favorite, the No1 reason why I love blogging and the very core of my own existence, is my personal style, my outfits. It is apparent that in 2019 I fell in love with white and beige, while I consider black a classic and permanent color in my closet; I rarely wear trousers anymore and I am fine with that; I enjoy winter plaid and leopard print; tulle skirts & dresses, polka dots, berets and the color pink are still going strong in my fashion game; yellow and green became my new favorite colors; I made a big investment on pleated skirts (black, white, beige, brown, pink, ivory, yellow) this year.

As I said at the beginning of this post, 2019 was a wonderful year and I really hope that 2020 will be as beautiful and loving. Happy New Year, my darlings

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke and myself