Wedding Planning Advice to my Younger Self

We had our wedding in the summer of 2006. That day was one of my favorite to date, but if I had a way of knowing back then, when I was planning it, what would go wrong and what would be even better if I had done it in a different way, I would really appreciate it and make a great use of it. Some 14 years later, the advice I would give to my younger self would be to keep it simple, stay on a budget and be more herself instead of following "traditional" paths.

The Dress
Don't buy a ready-made wedding dress. No reason to spend so much money in something you are never going to wear again. Rent one instead or, even better, get a local designer, like Lilian Xydia, to make it for you, exactly how you have imagined it

Buy shoes that are comfortable and that you will be able to wear again. Not white! Any other color but white. Also, keep in mind that you will be standing and dancing in them for hours. Dancing shoes are the best choice and Cardou has some very pretty designs to choose from

Hair & Makeup
Keep your hair simple, and do your own makeup. You really want to look like you on the photos, right? You know how to do your makeup better than anyone else, trust me!

Keep them simple and minimal. The less and more subtle, the better

The Cake
Actually, no cake at all! Give ice cream to the people!! A variety of high quality ice cream, in cones or in cups, it would be much more appreciated

Photographs and a video are very important, because these will keep the memory alive over the years to come. Don't leave it to last minute, you will regret it. Do your research early, agree upon the deliverables and have a backup plan. You might need it...

Either you go to the church or the city hall, only members of the close family and the "koumbaroi" should be there. Take them out to dinner afterwards to thank them. Keep it intimate and personal, it will be much appreciated

Instead of a huge and costly reception with sitting tables and waiters, throw a big party for your friends and colleagues, people your own age and mentality, with finger food and drinks. Also, hire a local music band! It is so more fun than a DJ who plays a boring list of songs, that you don't even like, on a loop

Goody Bags
Invest money on creating useful goody bags for your guests to remember that day. Apart from some delicious candy and/or sweets, add thoughtful gifts and treats for them, like a hand fan, a pair of flip flops, a bottle of water, a sample bottle of local olive oil, some local souvenirs or mini statues from the Ancient Olympia museum etc. "Koufeta" and "bonbonieres" are so not cool anymore.

|barefoot duchess|

Dress by Lilian Xydia
Hair by Marina Xrysidi
Photos by Denia Kokoroskou