Caudalie Premier Cru Precious Oil // Review

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Not long after Christmas holidays, I started using again two foundations I bought last year around early Spring. Sadly, none of them was behaving the way it used to 7-8 months ago. They didn't apply evenly, they looked cake-y on me and made my skin looking extremely dry and flaky, which was very weird, at least from what I could understand.

Both foundations are quite premium and expensive (Sephora Exclusives), do not expire any time soon and I really liked them couple of months ago. I tried them both with different primers or no primer at all, I also tried mixing them with other more fluid foundations, however my skin still looked awful... Then, I had another idea: why not mixing them with a facial oil, which would probably make them less matte and more hydrating and elastic!

Couple of months ago, I received a PR package that included a premium oil by Caudalie, the Premier Cru Precious Oil. In a great relief, with just a single drop of this oil mixed with either of my matte foundations, I saved them both from the bin! My skin looks hydrated, glowing and healthy again.

My skin behaved so differently within less than one year for some good reasons: 1. I am growing older which means that my skin doesn't like matte looks anymore and 2. I recently discovered I have rosacea, which is currently flared, probably due to stress... I guess that I have to live with that too!

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*This is NOT a sponsored post*

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Photo by me via my Instagram